Obituary: Dorothy (Guglielmoni) Bertini, 79, of Trumbull

Dorothy (Guglielmoni) Bertini, 79, of Trumbull, departed this dear world for the next on November 11, 2014.

Mom, as did Mamma and Babbo before you, returned to the light have you gone, and so once again with them do you reside.

It is said that religion is a thought that perishes with the loss of the body, but that faith itself is instead a feeling in the heart that lives forever on with the spirit. In her own way, our mother taught us to hold to the latter part of that statement, her faith strong that something much bigger than what is seen ever guides and protects us. It was part of her every day.

Watching as Alzheimer’s chipped away at her abilities, the passing of time brought us also wonder, for when all else had been but gone from her, remained with her her true character, unblemished by the influence of everyday life. So it was we were allowed to share her love in the truest form, a love for dance and music, the innocent laughter of a child that was inspiring. She taught us too that when all else was taken, remained simply the love, a love for all that around her, pure and free; truly, the most Christ-like character of heart we’ve ever witnessed firsthand. Ever supportive of family throughout life, emotionally and spiritually, our mother never ceased in her giving and listening.

Friends and family: please visit the immediate at our homes, at the shop. You know where we’ll be. Bring stories. Break bread. Share wine. All are welcome, any hour, any day.

In lieu of flowers or baskets of fruit, instead take a precious moment, the most valuable asset of all, and bring to the front of the heart the fondest memory of our cherished mother. Bring Jefferson Street, Pleasure Beach and the East End once more to life. Hear Elvis and The Platters singing. Recall the love for the jitterbug that brought to her such joy, a pat on the head by Buster Crabb, an autograph by Burt Lancaster, Bocca Di Magra and Trumbull. Bring a memory to bear once more. She will feel it. She will know.

Survived by her husband of 61 years, Millo G. Bertini; Dorothy also leaves two children, Millo N. Bertini and wife Leisa, and Donna D. Deecken; one grandchild, Richard C. Deecken; two sisters, Neris Cecere and Norma Masse, as well as several nieces and nephews. Predeceased by three brothers, Morris, Albert, and Mario. There are no services, but celebration of her life at family member’s homes.