Tesoro: Gadkar-Wilcox is collaborative, qualified, principled

Vicki Tesoro
Vicki Tesoro

Our problems are real. The people we elect often seem more interested in finger pointing and playing the blame game instead of engaging in constructive dialogue and seeking common ground. Our politics need to be different and that begins with electing people who are prepared to think and act differently.  Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox is ready, willing, and able to do just that.

Sujata believes that new tolls and more taxes are not the answer. She also knows that making wild promises of tax cuts without a plan to pay for them is a recipe for disaster. She knows that it is easy to blame others, like Unions or rich people for our problems. She also knows that unless we put aside the sound bites, get serious, speak frankly, and recognize that without shared, fair sacrifice between parties, nothing will get done.

Sujata understands that gun violence is a plague and to solve that problem we need to throw away talking points and engage in a comprehensive approach that BOTH treats the mental health and social elements of the problem and enacts laws that keeps guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. As a legal scholar, she believes that we can have effective, sensible gun legislation without violating the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. We can do that when we start talking to each other and not at each other. Sujata is the kind of person who will bridge that gap.

A word about her opponent. You will not hear anything negative from Sujata’s campaign. She respects citizens who take the time and make the effort to serve our Town. Citizens who, like Sujata and her opponent, are good family people, work hard, volunteer, and have the best interests of our Community at heart. Both Sujata and I thank her opponent for his service. This is not about voting against her opponent but instead voting FOR Sujata who represents new approaches and a fresh perspective. She will keep the best of what we have and offer new ideas for difficult problems.

Fulbright Scholar, legal expert, professor, wife, mother and taxpaying citizen of Trumbull, Sujata has the energy, drive, intellect and compassion to be an excellent State Representative. Sujata represents a new kind of politics. Politics where different experiences and perspectives, free of political party constraints and free of special interests, can be brought to bear for the benefit of all. Please take the time to get to know Sujata and most important of all, vote on November 6.

Vicki Tesoro (D)

First Selectman