Rutigliano — Man the lifeboats if a Blue Wave comes

Recently the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee chairman stated that a Blue Wave — a Democratic electoral tsunami — is essential at both the state and federal elections this fall.

First question that came to mind was how will a blue wave help the people of Trumbull?

Democrat Dan Malloy has cut $1.2 million from our education budget in the past two years, will that get better if we elect more Democrats?

A closer and honest examination of the political landscape suggests that blue waves have been crashing on Connecticut shores nearly unabated for the last 40 years. With the exception of two years in the mid-1980s, and two years in the mid-1990s, the Connecticut State house has been dominated by Democrats.

We have had Republican governors, but they faced overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate and, at times, veto proof margins.

Bullet proof, one-party Democratic rule in Hartford resulted in the two largest tax hikes in state history in 2011 and 2015. Astonishingly, Connecticut faces another multi-billion dollar deficit after the coming election.

It is not just Hartford that is singing the blues. The entire congressional delegation is blue; same for all six statewide constitutional offices.

What has this wave given us so far? Plenty of bad news: declining population, flat-lined personal income, massive and repeated tax increases, crumbling roads, company exits, Gov. Dan Malloy, and his cherished nine mile long $750 million bus line between New Britain and Hartford that no one rides.

Job growth in Connecticut in 2017 was anemic, according to the Connecticut Economic Digest. We added just 1,800 jobs total, or 0.1%.

If we continue the “blue wave” this November, as Mr. Kelly suggests, what will CT look like in the future?

The national economic recovery seems to have bypassed Connecticut. An Obama or Trump White House, it doesn’t seem to matter because CT loses. Connecticut lags behind every other New England state in economic growth and job creation since the end of the great recession. It’s been 10 years and we are still limping along “under blue leadership”.

If CT experiences a blue wave in statewide elections how does one believe Trumbull will fair? Will a Democrat-controlled state government take away the rest of our education cost sharing grant? Probably.

Will CT Democrats reduce or eliminate Trumbull’s road repair money? Definitely!

Will CT Democrats increase the cost of living and commuting by instituting tolls? Yup!

Will a “blue wave” raise fares for Metro North? Of course

Will Democrats increase taxes on Trumbull residents? Of course, because that’s what they have been doing. A Trumbull endorsed Democrat, a state Senator (part of the 40 year blue wave) has voted for every Dan Malloy tax increase. Democrats have endorsed Dan Malloy twice! Enough said.

I understand that Mr. Kelly is a Democrat and is rooting for his party, but should we not place policy over party? I thought that was the goal. I ask you again how a “blue wave” can possibly help Trumbull?

This November let’s do what’s right for Trumbull — and Connecticut — and that’s not the same old same old.

State Rep. David Rutigliano