Letter to the Editor: Support for recycling coordinator

To the Editor:

The following is a letter which was sent to Mr. Herbst:

With the budget season upon us, the Long Hill Garden Club would like to present the case for retaining the position of the recycling coordinator. There are many compelling reasons, based on the impact that Robin Bennett makes on the community of Trumbull that are being felt not only today, but also into the foreseeable future.

In less than a year’s time, the recycling coordinator has made tremendous inroads across several residential and commercial outreach efforts that have appealed to both the hearts and minds of those being totally recycling conscious. These awareness efforts are the driving force behind more recycling engagement across all people who live and work in Trumbull. The town benefits from both a monetary and a “better place to live” standpoint. Everyone wins in this scenario!

Robin Bennett has not only elevated the need for recycling from an awareness perspective — she’s motivated action. Youngsters in schools are learning the need for recycling at a very young age through her efforts. Trumbull’s environmental recycling footprint has been extended to electronic and fluorescent bulb recycling, through smart contract negotiation. Her work with civic groups has built a strong base of “recycling ambassadors” who are spreading the recycling message throughout the community.

During the past year, she’s built relationships and put programs in place that are the environmental seeds from which Trumbull will benefit for generations to come. It would be a shame to lose the momentum that has been built during this time. Robin has been able to change the way people think and act about recycling. Keeping this position with Robin in place is good for everyone – from the Trumbull environment to the people who live in this great town.  It is a win/win scenario in the greatest sense.  Thank you for your consideration.

Cheryl Basztura

Long Hill Garden Club, Inc.