Letter to the Editor: A proud grandmother

To the Editor:

Recently my 15 years old grandson, Ryan, and I went together to the Stop & Shop supermarket, located in Trumbull.

At the check-out, I was admiring my grandson helping me by scanning all the items we purchased. As he was working to find the bar codes for each items and putting them on the scanning machine, I notice that something caught Ryan’s attentions in the store. He quickly said to me “Grandma, please wait for me.”

When I looked to see what happened, I saw that many small items fell down on the floor from the small shelf located near the check-out machine a couple of aisles down from us. Without hesitation, Ryan immediately ran to the store employee and was bending down to help her gather many items that were scattered on the floor. When Ryan and I were leaving the supermarket, the store employee came over to Ryan and thanked him for helping her.

A small act of kindness, like holding a door for someone or helping others when needed, speaks volume in a persons’ character.

We are very proud of you, Ryan.

Svetlana Andrievsky