Letter: Young voters need to get out for special election July 22

To the Editor:

My name is Marissa Piccolo. I am a 2013 graduate of Trumbull High school and currently a student at UConn.

This June, a friend and I went to Trumbull High political science classes and registered 94 eligible seniors to vote. We talked about voter registration, the importance of coming out to the polls to vote, as well as the importance of being involved in elections on the federal, state, and municipal levels. Apathy towards government is not something that our generation can afford; by 2015, the millennial generation will make up one third of the electorate.

It is important for young people to recognize the voice that we can have, but are currently lacking, in Trumbull. The functions of local government is overlooked and taken for granted. The decisions made at our town level arguably have a larger impact that those made in Hartford or Washington. Participating in town elections means having a say over who governs the public education system you have gone through for almost 13 years, how the budget is allocated in a way that makes your parents,’ and possibly your own, taxes worthwhile, and ensures that Trumbull will be a place that the next generation will want to live and enjoy.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate this by ensuring that we come out in force to vote in the Special Election for the Board of Finance on Tuesday, July 22.

It is unfortunate that too many times special elections are not won by policy or who is the better candidate because not enough people bother to exercise their right to vote. In a special election, every vote counts. If enough young voters take a small time out of our day on July 22 to vote, we can change this.

Lainie McHugh, the Democratic candidate for the Board of Finance, is the candidate for whom I believe we need to turn out and vote. Lainie will bring balance to the Board of Finance, as well as the dedication and energy our town needs by listening to all residents. She has a deep understanding of the issues and wants to make Trumbull a town that welcomes new and exciting businesses, while also maintaining its small community feel. Lainie will keep Trumbull affordable as well as fiscally responsible by focusing on the right priorities for our town.

A victory for Lainie McHugh on July 22 will mean a victory for our town. It will help bring balance to the Board of Finance and I believe it will begin a new chapter in Trumbull in which young voters can take pride in their voice in our community. Vote McHugh on July 22!

Marissa Piccolo