Letter — Working to move Trumbull forward

Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo
Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo

Nearly two years ago I had the privilege of being elected by the residents of District 3 to serve them on our Town Council. I am grateful for the voters of Trumbull for giving me the opportunity, and I am proud of the work we have achieved under Republican leadership over the last two years in making Trumbull a community of choice for families, empty-nesters, seniors and more.

Having been born, raised and educated in our outstanding schools; then raising my own family here in Trumbull I have seen first-hand how our community has benefited under Republican leadership these past eight years. The advances we can continue to make from a growing grand list with controlled economic development, increased student test scores, along with academic and extra-curricular activities, while our school system is ranked number two in Connecticut are ones that very few communities have the option of doing in our state. We are fully funding our pension obligations which have allowed us to achieve near AAA bond rating keeping interest rates at close to historic lows so that we may borrow to improve our infrastructure throughout town. We are a 21st Century community — one that embraces its future while recognizing its past and celebrating its accomplishments.

As we grapple with the uncertainty brought about by the budget issues in Hartford, Trumbull Republicans continue working to ensure our community weathers, no matter the storm, any effects rippling out of the Governor’s Mansion and state House.

I have had the opportunity in this term to serve as chairman of the Council’s Public Works Committee, a member of its Rules and Research Committee, and alternate on Legislation and Administration Committee. Additionally, my involvement has extended to serving on the MetroCog Route 25/111 Community Advisory Committee, and working with our economic and development director and other town professionals in representing our residents in the ongoing enhancement of the Long Hill Green.

The leadership qualities that the Republican first selectman candidate, Paul Lavoie brings to this campaign are ones that will continue to move Trumbull forward in a productive, inclusive and responsive way. I am proud to be a part of such a forward looking team with a vision for our collective future that focuses not on any one group or constituency, but rather, looks to the sum of our whole so that we may all benefit with a quality of life that is sustainable, productive and possible.

I hope you will join me in supporting the entire Republican team when going to the polls in a few short weeks, and I humbly ask for the support of my District 3 constituents to return me to the Town Council where I can continue working to keep Trumbull moving forward.