Letter: Will he stay or will he go

To the Editor:

It seems our first selectman just doesn’t want to say if he plans to stay in Trumbull if he wins on Election Day.

When asked if a higher office is what he is aiming for, he laughs, but will not answer if he’ll stay on Town Hall’s third floor. The voters have a right to know if they re-elect this man, If two more years in Trumbull is part of his political plan.

Will he turn his back on us and leave for a higher place? The answer to this question is important to this race.

But he refuses to answer the question “Will you stay or will you go if elected to the office?” We have a right to know.

If Foley runs will Tim go too? That was his former aim. We need to know if we’re just pawns in Tim’s political game.

I want to know if in November Tim is re-elected, is Trumbull where he wants to be or is somewhere else selected? A simple “yes” or “no” will do. You don’t need to expound. If re-elected for two years, will you stay around?

So please, Mr. First Selectman, stand up and be a man. As voters, we need the answer. What is your political plan?

Carole Lalor