Letter: Will continue to improve schools, spend wisely

To the Editor:

The citizens of Trumbull elected me, Rosemary Seaman, two years ago to the Board of Education. You placed your faith in my ability to be a competent, nonpartisan member who kept “Children First” while improving our schools and wisely spending our taxpayers’ dollars.

I believe that I have demonstrated that. We do have full-day kindergarten and improvements in curricula, technology and security across the district. All of this and more achieved through each member working cooperatively to prepare and approve reasonable budgets requests.

My 37-year career, all in Trumbull, began as a special education teacher and then as a principal at the high school and middle school levels, has prepared me well for this position. My husband and I have lived in Trumbull for over 40 years, raised two children — successful Trumbull public school graduates — and actively participated in the community through PTA, sports, the arts, and town government.

During these last two years, I became an adjunct professor for the NEAG School of Education at UCONN. Through teaching and supervising graduate students, I work towards improving the competency and quality of future teachers. I am also a member of the Business Education Initiative, Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking, Trumbull Parents of Students with Learning Differences, and Trumbull’s Early Childhood and Headstart Program.

If given the opportunity, to return to the Board of Education, I will continue to improve our school system that educates ALL our children and continues to be fiscally responsible in spending OUR taxpayers’ dollars.

Rosemary Seaman