Letter — Wifi at Trumbull High should not be a privilege

The wifi at Trumbull High School prevents students from getting work done.

Last week, I was trying to do a project for my marketing class. The project was assigned specifically to research how certain brands use social media marketing as a tool.

In this day and age, social media advertising is unavoidable. Brands sneak their advertising into your everyday news feed.

However, this project was rather challenging to complete considering every single social media is blocked at Trumbull High. I understand why pictures cannot be transmitted in school via snapchat or messages, however, for many essays I need resources from social media such as quotes or pictures. Without Twitter in school, how would I be able to analyze Trump's tweets for my political studies homework?

It is completely understandable how social media is a distraction in school, however, it should be up to a teacher’s discretion to set specific rules in their classrooms. Social media is a major part of society. Students should be taught how to use it appropriately. We should stop looking at it as an annoyance, and look at it more as a tool.

History shows that when something is prohibited, society never fails to find a loophole. Therefore, many people find apps that will override the blocked websites. In fact, some students will even pay a monthly fee to keep their private tunnel apps that override the wifi.

As you can see, even though social media is prohibited, students still find a way. Trumbull High should unblock websites or else they will not be able to get into students' phones if necessary. For example, if a student had a private tunnel app and was involved in a big cheating scandal where someone set test answers via iMessage, the school would not see the messages because the student removed themself from the wifi server. If the school unblocked certain websites, everyone would join the wifi again and the school would have full access to students' phones.

Not only are most social medias and websites blocked, but the wifi is extremely slow. When I try to complete my work during study hall and lunch, the few websites that are not blocked, take five minutes to load. Therefore, I become quite frustrated and unproductive. The weak wifi prohibits me from getting a head start on essays and projects. Strong wifi at a high school should be a necessity, not a privilege.