Letter: Why you should vote for my dad

To the Editor:

Over the past several months, many Trumbull residents have gotten to know Doug Sutherland for the first time. But I’ve known him my entire life — he’s my dad.

Those who have met my dad have no doubt seen what I have seen, that he is both dedicated to helping others and committed to this community.

Growing up, some of my fondest memories and most formative experiences were in Cub Scouts. My dad volunteered as scoutmaster for many of those years, leading Pack 261 at Daniels Farm. He organized exciting overnight trips on battleships and museums as well as food bank donation drives and other community service opportunities.

My dad and I both got involved in local politics at the grassroots level about 10 years ago, collecting petition signatures door-to-door. For me, that early experience in our neighborhood demonstrated the powerful effect public service can have on people’s lives. It led me to attend American University in Washington D.C. and to focus my career on improving our government. It led my dad, once retired, to continue to become more involved in local issues here in Trumbull.

At all levels, our government has become tragically divisive, polarized and gridlocked. Whenever possible, it is important for us to elect officials who are committed to addressing our problems — not their own political careers or special interests.

In this election I’ll be voting for my dad for state representative in the 123rd District. I hope you will too.

Kevin Sutherland