Letter — Who do we want to be?

Mark Block
Mark Block

To the editor:
There has been much talk at Trumbull’s Planning and Zoning meetings the past couple of months on various development applications affecting residential areas of town that I would suggest are both ill-advised and not in keeping with the character of our community’s neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, March 20, P&Z gave consideration to a text amendment to Article II, Section 2.4.4, Density, that reads in part, to allow the maximum number of dwelling units per “buildable” acre to be no more than four for property located within any residential zone. This text amendment was offered by the applicant, Moorefield Farms Development, LLC. While P&Z ultimately decided to continue the application to next month, the public hearing brought out residents from the Nichols area to express their concerns to the commissioners. I expressed my concern as well and stand with the residents of the neighborhood in disapproval of the request for the following reasons:
1. This text amendment is a significant change to the restriction and should be part of a much wider community conversation on development in residential neighborhoods.
2. It is a question about density and the way in which density affects a neighborhood’s character.
3. We have different neighborhoods across town, whether Nichols or Tashua, Long Hill, Daniels Farm or others all attracting residents with various wants and needs. Ours is not a homogenous community, but one that is comprised of distinct neighborhoods when woven together makes up the fabric of our town.
4. I don’t believe we should paint residential neighborhood development with a broad brushstroke. We should insist on leadership that advocates responsible, controlled growth that enhances the living experience for residents in any neighborhood, not haphazard building that dramatically alters the living experience for residents.
Ultimately, the questions that should be asked and answered are who are we? Who do we want to be? What are we looking for in our neighborhoods? When those questions are answered, I believe we will be well on our way to ensuring our community serves a broad swath of families and individuals who continue to make Trumbull their home and others who choose to join us.
Mark Block, District 3
Trumbull Republican Town Committee
Editor's Note - An earlier version of this letter identified Block as District 3 Town Councilman. Block is a former councilman and current District 3 RTC member.