Letter — When is enough, enough?

Keith Klain — Trumbull Democrats' photo
Keith Klain — Trumbull Democrats' photo

There is plenty not to like about Moorefield Farms Development LLCs proposed development of an Age Restricted Housing Zone at 2157 Huntington Turnpike in Nichols. Completely out of step with the historical neighborhood, existing regulations, and Trumbull’s plan of conservation, this type of extreme land use pushes our zoning regulations beyond their limits. It’s time we said “enough”.

The proposal for 14 homes on less than 5 acres was criticized by the IWWC for poor planning, ignoring environmental/flooding impact, and the developer’s refusal to present alternative plans despite abutting wetlands, including a brook that feeds Pinewood lake. Similar to their approach at Hawks Ridge in Shelton, the developers plan to clear the trees and stone walls along Huntington Turnpike and extend Primrose Drive into a cul-de-sac while directing drainage into existing sewers. The extreme density of this proposal will also negatively impact congestion and safety of commuter traffic and bus routes for Booth Hill and St. Joseph, with no guarantees of not adding children to the schools.
Simply put, the proposed changes to our zoning regulations only exist to prop up the profit margin of a single development that is not financially viable without creating a “spot zone” to allow more houses per acre with less space between them than is currently allowed.
When is enough, enough?
We elect our boards and commissions to prevent egregious development like this and represent the taxpayer’s priorities to “preserve and protect the value thereof” our property and character of our town. Although these developers rightly got beaten up by our IWWC for their shoddy work and withdrew the previous application, they have now reapplied with an even greater change to our zoning regulations, with no consideration to our neighborhoods or residents.
Let’s get back to sensible development aligned with Trumbull’s Plan of Conservation and existing IWWC and P&Z regulations. Please contact your P&Z representatives and tell them to vote “NO” on the proposed Moorefield Farms Development LLC text amendments.
Clerk & Correspondence Contact: Lynn Ormsbee, lormsbee@trumbull-ct.gov, (203) 452-5044.
Keith Klain, D-2nd
Town Council