Letter: When is enough, enough?

The conversation is politics. The question is why?

Why all the negativity? Why all the corruption? Why the mud? Why the meanness? And most of all why do we, the people, allow it? Would you allow your children to behave like this? Because this is what they are learning. All’s fair in politics, no matter how many bodies are left in the wake.

They are learning that bloodying your opponent is absolutely fine, encouraged even. That destroying someone’s reputation, just for the sport of it, is all a part of the game. And mostly they are learning it doesn’t matter how bad of a “guy” your guy is; we look the other way and point a finger at someone else.

Lying, cheating, stealing, blaming, destroying. This is what our children learned during this election cycle. Many first-time voters, once excited to participate, were disillusioned and disappointed in the choices they were given.

We get what we tolerate and I think enough is enough. The only people that can stop this kind of crash and burn politics is We the People.

I find it more appalling at the local level. It’s neighbor against neighbor; in some cases, quite literally. What is wrong with you? You have to exist in your communities together after this. Attend functions, sit in meetings, go to picnics. Your kids may even be friends. Why would you think this is acceptable?

Every election, for as long as there have been elections, have gotten a little worse. Every year people complain and once the election is over, move on. So the next time it gets worse. Like irresponsible children, you give them an inch and they take a mile. The cycle continues until we are where we are today. Are you happy now? Did you “stay above the politics?” Because that just contributes to it; a blind eye, not your problem.

You wonder why so many good people choose not to run? Really? Why? To be torn down, called names and be accused of things no one would have ever said in your entire life time. People who have fought for education their entire careers, being accused of “failing our children.” People who have supported women and their rights at every turn, accused of now failing them. People who have given their lives to public service, volunteers, accused of greed and selfishness. This is what happens when you sign that piece of paper to run for office and serve your community, state or nation. It turns otherwise good and honest people into angry, nasty and ugly people.

Both sides complain about it, yet they both practice it. When does it all end? When will enough be enough?

If this is not the politics you want or endorse then do something about it. Support only those candidates that walk the walk. And on the other side, be the politician you believe your community, your state, your country deserves and stop just talking about it.