Letter: Welcome to What’s Cookin’ & Brewin’

To the Editor:
There is no shortage of Facebook groups in the Town of Trumbull. From tag sales to politics to moms, the discussions go from fun to fiery on the hour. But throughout all of the online gathering places, no topic tended to garner more engagement or at times more “helicoptering” than food.
You could talk about it, but don’t speak too honestly about it. You could share your experience, but only your positive one. Last week Trumbull citizen Randy Howes came to the conclusion, “Why not a page for all local residents and business to communicate together daily via a new Facebook group” — What’s Cookin’ & Brewin’ Trumbull was born.
Set up to Randy’s specifications with invaluable help by Trumbull neighbor Paige Francis, within moments of clicking the visibility to “public,” hundreds of Trumbullites were knocking on the group door.
As the title infers, we’re talking food and beverages — but also any Trumbull (and near-to-Trumbull) business that provides a service. One repository for the perpetually requested restaurant menus, immediate feedback on new venues like Crown Pizza and Maries’ new fare, and much anticipation and “breaking news” about businesses on the cusp of opening in our town (example all the awesomeness in Madison Plaza).
The new group loves all, serves all and provides respectful and insightful opinions and reviews of our local business. We are neighbors supporting neighbors in their effort to thrive and consume — join us.
Randy Howes