Letter: We should go to field trips, they shouldn’t come to us

To the Editor:

I am a sophomore in Trumbull High School. Unfortunately, I just missed attending the Italy trip by a year. Based on all the pictures I have seen and stories I've heard about the trip last year, it was the best week of some people's lives. It is quite impactful for just a week do have such an impact on a teenager. Nowadays, we are so caught up in our phones and we should expand into the real world. I believe travel teachers concepts to such a heightened extend than inside the classroom. When the Colosseum has popped out of the textbook and you see it in front of your eyes, you get an accurate visual of the time and a new perspective of culture that worksheets could never give someone. My world language teacher is very passionate about the Italy trip. She stated that, "Travel is the best gift I can give to my students." I can hear the genuine qualities in her voice that prove how much fun and informational this trip can be.

I understand that the Board has heard this dozens of times and I also understand that they have reasonable concerns regarding terrorism and liabilities. If we are taught at such a young age that we should miss out on opportunity and shy away from activities because we are fearful, we will live our whole lives not taking risks. Unfortunately, the world is controlled by money and lawsuits can get the best of us. Also, terrorism is a prominent issue. However, the exposure of history and life long memories and friendships should be able to override this fear.

Maybe this year is not the most appropriate time for an international field trip, but hopefully before I graduate Trumbull high school I am able to experience this Italy trip that has been raved about. Throughout my whole experience in Trumbull public schools I have gone on many field trips but the most memorable ones where to the Bronx zoo and Sturbridge village. Most likely because these were the only out of state ones. I heard talk about the board even canceling out of state trips. This seems unfortunate to me considering the incoming elementary school kids will be unable to experience the most anticipated field trips that their older siblings had experienced.

Most student works very diligently and deserve a reward for their perseverance throughout all these years. I would love for these hardworking students to be able to broaden their horizons and branch out.

I am very honored to be in the Trumbull School System and I have valued all my teachers throughout my 11 years. It will be a shame if the field trips have to begin coming to our schools instead of us going to them. Our town is just as safe as any other town in America. I hope my letter is not only read but considered. I know I will leave the school system with tons of memories and I hope an international trip is one of them.
Lexi Caruso,
Trumbull High School Sophomore