Letter — We must build a better Trumbull

Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo
Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo

It has been my privilege over the past few months to meet and talk with Trumbull residents about our community’s future. I have been most mindful of how I can best serve in a way that would be of benefit to our community, while publicly raising issues of concern to many who have talked with me. With that being said and an eye toward the future, I believe the person to lead Trumbull during an exceptionally challenging time is Mike Herbst. Mike has the passion, skill set, respect and tenacity to ensure Trumbull will be better off in the coming two years. Mike understands this is a campaign of vision and policy.

I am extremely grateful that this son of Trumbull has been invigorated by so many to give serious consideration to serving our community and I look forward to campaigning to do so for the entire Republican team. I, along with others have found ourselves disappointed by those who ran by telling us it would be better and we could expect more. Their record doesn't match the rhetoric. The issue of development and appropriate commercial and residential growth for our community is at the forefront of public awareness and conversations and it has been haphazard.
I intend to continue being vocal on those issues and more that affect Trumbull, whether it is dense development of the Nichols Moorefield Farm property, an ill-advised zoning change on the corner of our historic scenic road, Tashua Road and Rte. 25, or the over development of residential units on the Westfield mall property, to name just a few. We need a vision for growth that is in concert with the character of our town and partnership with our neighborhoods.
I will happily seek to serve our town to help build a better and more vibrant community of choice where our growth is not dependent on politics, but on the sound policy that provides for the utmost level of safety for our community, the highest quality education we can afford for our children, and clearly defined proper and appropriate development where it should take place. Come November we must seek to build a better community, not just through words, but through real and quantifiable action.
Mark Block