Letter — We created a disconnect

The Trumbull Republican Party would like to thank the voters for the confidence they entrusted to us over the past 8 years, as we did our best to be good shepherds of our local government. Through fiscally responsible policies, we have experienced increases to our bond rating, strong economic growth and a nationally recognized school system. Trumbull Republicans instituted reforms to insure that our community has a well-run and untainted government. We are especially proud of our record of stable taxes which has allowed so many Trumbull families and businesses to stay in Trumbull.

This year Trumbull voters voted for more divided government representation, with Republicans retaining the majority on the Board of Education, Board of Finance, and Planning & Zoning, and only five votes in one district race separated control of the Town Council.

We congratulate Mrs. Tesoro and her team on her campaign victory, and promise to work with her to implement her proposals that we believe will benefit all citizens of Trumbull.

We also recognize that we have created a disconnect with some of our voters, as many of our past supporters appear to have either stayed home or voted for the unaffiliated candidate. We promise to reflect on the cause of this divide, to reach out, to regroup and bring forth even more compelling candidates in the future.

We invite all Republican, independent, and disenfranchised Democratic voters to attend one of our monthly meetings or upcoming events, and get involved. Trumbull Republicans don’t always agree on everything, however we are open to constructive ideas which help keep Trumbull moving forward, and are bound by the principles of good, clean government, and fiscal responsibility.

We look forward to seeing you. For more information on the Trumbull Republicans and upcoming events, please visit Trumbullgop.org.
Matt Caron, marketing co-chairman
Trumbull Republicans