Letter: Vote for research, balance and careful spending

To the Editor:

There is a special election on July 22 for a seat on the Trumbull Board of Finance, and I urge you to vote for Democratic candidate Lainie McHugh. A vote for Lainie is a vote for thorough research, balanced government, careful spending, better budget priorities and no fiscal gimmicks.

Lainie and her husband Tim have two children in the Trumbull Public Schools. For several years Lainie has given presentations to school and community groups on the PTSA Council’s “ABCs of the Education Budget.” To do that, she learned the ins and outs of the Trumbull education budget and is able to clearly explain it to people. This exemplifies her willingness to dig deep to find and understand the facts, and she will do the same for the town budget as a whole.

Lainie is also a licensed physical therapist, and is great with people. As a Board of Finance member, she won’t hesitate to ask the tough questions and get her hands on the data and background information needed to make decisions.

As a member of the Board of Finance, Lainie will bring more balance to Trumbull government. With lopsided majorities on our town boards, there is not enough debate or consideration of alternate points of view. Under the current administration, we have seen car taxes increase by 23 percent; sewer use fees increase by 34 percent; residents required to pay sewer use fees for water that never reaches the sewers, such as irrigation, garden, and pool water; insufficient notice of the new alarm ordinance with the resulting imposition of stiff fines for non-registration; fees for park stickers; and the list goes on and on. Lainie will work hard to protect your hard-earned dollars against more and unnecessary spending, tax increases, and fees. On the Board of Finance, Lainie will fight to oppose fiscal gimmicks and to increase transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Lainie McHugh is a passionate advocate for what she believes in. She will fight for appropriate education spending so the Trumbull schools can move forward. She will work for a fairer system of senior tax relief that will benefit those who need it most. She is committed to making Trumbull a better place for all residents.

Vote for McHugh on July 22!

Cindy Katske