Letter: Victim's families deserve privacy, compassion

To the Editor:

My prayers are always with the victims, families and friends of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. The heroes, firefighters, local, state and federal leaders, and compassionate people in Newtown, Monroe, Trumbull, Stratford and all surrounding communities revealed their deep love and sincerity during and after the tragic events. It will be forever engraved in our hearts. The good in people emerged on many different levels as we reached out to Newtown in many different ways. The path to healing is long.  As those in Newtown, Trumbull and other communities cope with the loss and tragedy, one thing is certain: The images and photos of that horrific day do not need to be released. It would serve no purpose.

I praise the leaders who voted not to release images and photos. I admire and I am appreciative that many leaders and people in our communities recognize that life and leadership is about knowing when and how to lead during and after tragedies. The victims and their families deserve dignity, compassion and the right to privacy. There is nothing more important.

The photo albums containing photos of their loved one’s vibrant smiles while they enjoyed life with their families here on earth are the only important photos to the victims’ families and it should remain that way.

Joanna Leone