Letter: Vicki Tesoro will end partisan divide

To the Editor:

As an unaffiliated conservative voter in town, I like first selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro’s plan for government reform, which was recently published. In years past, I have been a Republican Party worker and was very involved on the Zoning Board of Appeals as an alternate, a position I held until moving briefly to Monroe. I served as a Republican, appointed and sworn in by Democrat First Selectman Dave Wilson.

I believe that putting Tesoro’s plan into action would get our town functioning again as a community of neighbors and friends, having different viewpoints. Running a small town can be a tug of war sometimes, but it doesn't need to be acrimonious. I believe that making elections political warfare where one party comes away with all the spoils of war is terrible and is in no way effective in governing a small town like Trumbull. We need to have a referendum on shall the town have four or seven districts. Having seven smaller sized districts brings government closer to our homes.

Having sufficient time to digest and think through issues when proposed to the council and to boards is a good thing. Nothing should be so rushed, as in the dissolution of the farmers’ market and the Trumbull Monroe Health District that occurred under the dysfunctional Herbst administration.

I say give Vicki Tesoro the opportunity to bind up the partisan wounds inflicted upon our town.
Paul G. Littlefield