Letter: Vicki Tesoro is the best candidate to lead Trumbull

To the Editor:

When I moved to the town of Trumbull 24 years ago, I registered as a Republican and remain so to this day. This November, I am voting for Vicki Tesoro, a Democrat. She is the best candidate to lead the town of Trumbull. I have worked with Vicki Tesoro on many projects throughout the years. I can attest to her intelligence, honesty, integrity and genuine commitment to the people of our town. Her interest in Trumbull is, and always has been, to make Trumbull a community where people are proud to raise their families and where generations of families can remain.

Mr. Herbst, on the other hand, is interested in politics. Had he won the office of the state treasurer when he ran unsuccessfully last year, Mr. Herbst would no longer be our first selectman and would not be running now. Mr. Herbst has used intimidation techniques to apply pressure to members of the Republican Party. This does not sit well with those of us who desire a transparent and collegial government. In July 2014, after a special election was held, Democrat Lainie McHugh won. Mr. Herbst admonished the members of the RTC who did not turn out to vote.

An individual’s right to vote or not vote, is exactly that. It is a right and a privilege. Please join me this November and elect the best candidate for our town, Vicki Tesoro.
Nancy Dennert