Letter: Vicki Tesoro is ‘For Trumbull’

To the Editor:
When I arrived in Trumbull 20 years ago, Vicki Tesoro was one of the first welcoming faces I met, and she remains a warm connection to everyone she meets. I have watched Vicki fight for our kids and our future as part of PTSA and TPAUD (Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking and Drugs).
Vicki developed the Underage Drinking Forum at Trumbull High School in 2006 and she is presently the community chairperson of TPAUD where she continues to advocate for the health and safety of our youth. Then I watched her become a relentless advocate for Trumbullites as part of the Town Council.
In that role, for the past four years, she has advocated for all the citizens of Trumbull. In 2014, Vicki introduced a resolution to allow the public to speak at Town Council meetings. Anyone would think that this should have passed through the council easily. That was not the case, and Vicki fought for months for the council to pass this resolution. Finally after she offered a compromise, the council finally agreed to let you, the public, have a voice at council meetings. Whatever she is involved in, Vicki Tesoro selflessly and tirelessly pursues what she believes is right for the town of Trumbull.
The qualities that make Vicki a great friend — compassion, empathy, cooperation and loyalty — are the qualities that will make her a great leader. We have seen what she has already accomplished for our town and we look forward to more positive change in Trumbull.
For all these reasons you will see me in town wearing my “Vicki for Trumbull” T-shirt. Because that is her elevator speech. Vicki Tesoro is FOR TRUMBULL and not for Vicki.
Please join me and many others who have witnessed her leadership and vote for Vicki Tesoro on Nov. 3.
Gail Ritacco