Letter: Vicki Tesoro and her team set wonderful example this campaign season

To the Editor:

“Sometimes when you attempt the so-called impossible, you do end up falling short, but in the process you end up accomplishing something incredible.” — Anonymous

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Vicki Tesoro and her running mates for consistently conducting themselves with integrity and setting a wonderful example for the youth (and adults) of our town of how a campaign could and should be run. True to her character and how she conducts herself in her daily life, Vicki did not resort to negativity and petty attacks on her opponent. She stuck to the facts and spread her message of her desire to bring civility back to our beautiful town. It was impossible to meet her or hear her speak and not believe that she wants the best for this town and its inhabitants because she truly loves Trumbull, not out of any desire for personal gain.

Vicki and her team should be so proud of the trail they have undoubtedly blazed. They have started conversations, changed many minds and laid out for all of us, a future that is kinder and certainly within our reach. I believe it was her message that brought over 11,000 voters to the polls hoping to see it come to fruition.

Of course I am disappointed at the outcome, however I am not disheartened.  I feel the change coming, I hear my neighbors talking. I heard someone credit the narrow margin of victory to “voter complacency.” I would strongly disagree with that statement. The way I see it is this, of all the people who want to see a positive change in our town, we fell 357 people short, this time.  I wouldn’t call that complacent at all. I call that exciting!
Tracey Lepore