Letter: Veterans support Rutigliano

To the Editor:

As Americans, we enjoy our freedoms thanks to the service of military veterans. Without the service of our veterans, we all know that America would be a very different country.

I would like to thank state Rep. David Rutigliano for his hard work regarding veterans’ issues at the capitol.

We sometimes forget that our military veterans need our help after they leave active duty. Dave has co-sponsored public act 14-131; state licensing that accepts military training and experience as a substitute for additional career training, helping our veterans easily obtain entry into the job market after leaving active duty. In addition, Dave has supported H.B. 5293, the “Stolen Valor” this bill makes it a crime for any person who fakes military service or honors for personal or financial gain.

Dave has worked hard in Hartford representing Trumbull and the issues facing veterans in our state. I would ask all veterans to please join me in supporting

David Rutigliano for State Representative in the 123rd district.

Spc Anthony Ginnetti,

Military branch,

Army National Guard