Letter: Valedictorian snubbed in graduation coverage

To the Editor:

I enjoyed your article about the graduation ceremony of the THS Class of 2016 in last week's Trumbull Times. I had to re-read it several times, both on pages 1 and 8, because, although it was an excellent article, I couldn't believe that there was not one photo of, or quote from, Christina DeBenedetto, the Valedictorian of the Class of 2016!  

Her name was mentioned just once, only to identify her as the Valedictorian, and it was not mentioned any time thereafter! Yet, there were numerous quotes stated by the Salutatorian, Rachel Tropp, and also some by the Class President, Astonique Robinson — along with their photos (plus a photo of Senior Bhaya Bushan). And, although their speeches were quite admirable, the fact still remains that the valedictorian was not recognized either by a photo or by quotes. Included in the article were excerpts of speeches by Marc Guarino, Loretta Chory, Dr. Gary Cialfi & Tim Herbst, but none from Christina.

Although I do not know any of these girls or their families, I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was such a terrible oversight to ignore the Valedictorian in this article — we should give credit where credit is due, that is, to the Valedictorian, Christina DeBenedetto.

How sad for the DeBenedettos that their daughter, who worked so hard to earn the grades necessary to attain this great honor, was completely ignored by The Trumbull Times.
Anne Surber