Letter: U.S. Constitution at stake with immigrant decision

To the Editor:

With the carnage of the innocents spewed on the streets of Paris, perpetrated by “Middle Eastern immigrants," the leftist leaders of Connecticut and the United State are salivating to demonstrate their “tolerance” of immigrants by opening our state to radical jihadists. And “we the people” will bear the brunt of it — in carnage, freedom, and the total demise of the U.S. Constitution.

Who votes these insane people into office?

I would like to make three points:

First, let's start with who/what is an immigrant? An immigrant is someone who leaves their country for safety and a better life.

Why would Muslims leave a Muslim country? If they all have the same ideology, then there is really no threat to them.

The truly endangered middle easterners are the Christians who are being decapitated; raped; hands and feet chopped off; whose children

are having fingers chopped off, as their parents are forced to watch,

before they are decapitated — all because they will not denounce their

belief in Jesus Christ.

They are the true "victims" in this Syrian/Middle East bloodbath, not the Muslims.

Secondly, how do you vet someone from the Middle East? Tell us, Gov. Malloy. Will you be traveling to Syria, tripping over decapitated Christian heads while you find “town halls” to learn of the backgrounds of each and every immigrant?

The reality is that there is no vetting process. There can't be. It's impossible.

But it sure sounds good, doesn't it. A great sound bite; a great Lie.

America, know your enemy.

The Books of Islam very clearly states, death to the infidel. Folks, anyone who is not a Muslim, is an "infidel."

Instead of protecting Americans from a group who have no plans to assimilate into American culture, the short-sighted, guilt-ridden, touchy-feely radical Democrats of America welcome the enemy with open arms.

If you Democrats really wanted to "help the poor immigrants," then you would welcome those who are truly oppressed: Middle Eastern Christians.

But Obama has denied/refused entrance to any and every suffering Middle Eastern Christian. I'll bet you didn't know that.

American stores (Sears, Office Depot, Radio Shack, etc.) are all close to closing! American malls are becoming ghost towns, and now the radical left American leadership insists on bringing in jihadists to take down America even further.

My final point is that muslims do not tolerate homosexuality. In the Middle East, homosexuals are thrown off of rooftops.

Wake up, America. Stop watching football and see what is really happening. I guarantee you, if you continue in your chosen blindness, it will be far too late for any of us when you finally wake up.

Dear Almighty God in heaven, have mercy on a country which has turned its back on you.

Carol Hudak