Letter: Trumbull suffers when state eliminates school aid

Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo
Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo

Trumbull students became collateral damage in the war on exceptional public schools when Gov. Dannel Malloy announced last week that state aid for education would be cut to 139 municipalities, including Trumbull, while being redistributed to others.

The redistribution of Educational Cost Sharing is a direct assault Trumbull residents, who send over $80.4 million dollars in taxes to Hartford annually. In one press conference Trumbull saw $3.1million wiped to zero. What will come next?

The failed policies of this governor and Democratic majority-led legislature have eroded the confidence, support, and goodwill of the people of Connecticut and our own community. Malloy apparently believes that mediocrity for all is preferable to success for those who contribute the most.

While redistributing aid to others and reducing or zeroing aid to some of the best school districts in the state, including Trumbull, our children will start the school year at a disadvantage since the time school let out for summer vacation.

Trumbull residents should deplore the actions of the disastrous Hartford Democratic-controlled leadership, who have effectively told our students, teachers, administrators, parents, and volunteers, “you’re on your own.”

Through common sense leadership we will work to fully control our own destiny. The success of the Trumbull Public School system is because Trumbull has worked hard every year to ensure our district receives the necessary dollars to help our students achieve and reach their potential, regardless of ability. Trumbull Republicans are proud to have increased spending on education every year since 2010. We won’t let our students down.

The destiny we seek to control for our community is muddied by those who have been characteristically silent on this issue. While some prefer talking about where the ballot box is placed or a community center may someday be built, the cuts that will openly impact students, teachers and our entire community are significant. Trumbull Republicans, with our state legislators, will continue fighting for what is just, right and fair. Others will have to decide if they will take a position in contrast to their own state party.

Trumbull Republicans have no doubt that all residents love our town regardless of political affiliation. What we should all be concerned with are those that choose to deflect because they are unable to defend. And there is no defense for this act toward our community.

Trumbull residents don’t live here because they have to, they do so for the nationally ranked education, peace of mind through public safety, recreational resources - including the Pequonnock River trail, local retail and business, and more. In other words, Trumbull is our community of choice. So, there should be no silence on an issue as critical as draconian cuts in aid to our schools.

It’s not a matter of politics it’s a matter of community. There should be nothing but condemnation for the disastrous Democratic leadership in Hartford. After all, those are the failed actions that are having a direct affect on what happens right here at home.