Letter: Trumbull politics all about ‘unquestioning obedience’

To the Editor:

My family and I recently moved to Trumbull, and it has been wonderful to us. I wanted to get more involved, and decided to learn more about how our town is run so I could help out. Embarrassingly, I had no idea who our leadership was until recently.

As I educated myself, I saw things that concerned me. First, we spend less per student than almost any other comparable Connecticut town. I've learned there is a significant senior population. If one thinks strategically, it's the young families that pay more taxes, which subsidizes the amenities that seniors enjoy. If taxes continue to rise, making the town too expensive for families, where will the funds come from to support senior issues?

Secondly, I read that the first selectman had given himself a 20% pay raise. I thought that had to be untrue. I took to the Trumbull Facebook page to learn more. I appreciate that someone respectfully explained the details regarding the raise. Quickly into the discussion, though, I was attacked and described as "disrespectful" by Jack Testani, who seems to be a political operative of the first selectman's team. I explained I was simply looking for details — even when I was in the Marine Corps, my pay increased 2-3% per year. Jack then ridiculed how small my salary was and attacked my patriotism, calling Tim Herbst my "Commander in Chief.”

I had no idea what the politics were like here, but now it's clear they consist of rage, fear, and unquestioning obedience. If this is what the Herbst campaign is all about, I'll be voting for whoever his opponent is. Look for Mr. Testani to respond here next week, claiming that I took his comments out of context or to simply call me a liar. People like him will obfuscate the issues and attack people's character to deflect attention from the point that matters.

Congratulations, Jack, you turned a non-voter into a supporter of whoever runs against Mr. Herbst. Thanks for welcoming me to Trumbull.
Rob Levin