Letter: Trumbull needs Bill Haberlin

To the Editor:

On July 22, there will be an important special election in town for a seat on the Trumbull Board of Finance.

While in the middle of the summer, the last thing on the public’s mind is town politics, every Trumbull resident must understand the importance of this election. The control of the Board of Finance and indeed, the town’s fiscal policy hangs in the balance, which is why I am proud to offer my support and endorsement of Bill Haberlin to be elected to the Trumbull Board of Finance.

Bill is the father and father-in-law to two teachers, a former commissioned officer in the Army, as well as a small business owner. Bill recognizes the importance of a strong educational system and understands the needs of seniors in our community and the vital role they play. Bill has the experience and leadership qualities that are necessary to bring a balanced approach to town budgeting. Bill understands that a philosophy of simply “spending more” will only work to downgrade Trumbull’s progress over the past 5 years. With stabilized property taxes and an improved pension fund, the financial rating agencies have taken notice and provided positive reports. The voters of Trumbull also provided their own positive report by reelecting the Republican administration this past November with 70% of the vote.

This balanced and pragmatic approach to budgeting is why Trumbull needs Bill Haberlin. We need Bill to ensure that our community can continue to thrive under the current Republican leadership. Bill will serve as a responsible steward of our town’s finances and work to ensure that the improvements made to our town’s fiscal health are not undone by misplaced priorities and short-sighted planning.

On July 22, Trumbull voters have the choice to not only elect a Board of Finance member, but also the opportunity to choose a balanced and intelligent approach to governing the town’s finances. That choice is clear because Bill Haberlin is the only candidate who will continue to make Trumbull the desirable community of choice that it is.

Rick Costantini

Republican Majority Leader,

Town Council, District 4