Letter: Trumbull loses, big time

To the Editor:

The 22nd State Senate District of Trumbull, Bridgeport and Monroe has lost a best friend.

State Sen. Anthony Musto (D) was defeated in last Tuesday’s primary. This should never have happened.

Having worked with Anthony on adult adoptee rights to original birth certificates and parental health information, I learned first-hand what a top notch senator we had.

We discussed the adoption issue; he kept me informed of what was happening; he immediately answered emails and phone calls. In short, Trumbull, losing Sen. Musto, we lose — big time. I have contacted other local elected officials concerning adoptee rights; one I had to chase down, another never responded at all.

As I have said, Trumbull, losing Sen. Anthony Musto, we lose big time.

I want to publicly thank Sen. Musto for all of his hard work on adult adoptee civil rights and so many other issues of importance to the district.

I ran into Sen. Musto years ago in Trumbull Center. I introduced myself and told him how I had met my birth sister, Christine, at Catholic Charities; how we sat next to each other as a total stranger, a social worker, held our file and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you who you are.”

Anthony got it, and immediately promised to support this issue in the State Legislature. He is a man of his word. He has indeed supported adult adoptee rights, and this year when Gov. Malloy signed a (partial) rights bill into law, it was Sen. Musto who invited me to witness the signing by the governor.

I will miss a state senator who gives his word and keeps it. I will miss an elected official who respectfully responds to constituents in a timely manner.

Democrats, the shame is on you. Thank you again, Anthony, and Godspeed.

Carol Hudak