Letter: Trumbull high student rejects district's decision to cancel field trips

To the Editor:

I am writing you in response to recent cancellation of school field trips to major cities.

Today, during one of my classes, my teacher informed us that the district has decided to cancel all trips to major city in response to threats made against the United States by the terrorist group ISIS.

In my opinion, bending to the will of this terror organization is the worst way to handle the situation. Not only are we being deprived of our education experience, we are also making a statement that we are afraid of any terror threats.

My classmates and agree that it is not right to cancel our trips just because some group of terrorists made a threat. Though I comprehend the dangers of the situation, I strongly believe this is the wrong course of action.

I am affected by this decision as a trip to the 9/11 memorial has been canceled. Not only am I outraged by this, but the irony can not be denied: We are denying a trip to a symbol of strength and stand against terrorism due to threats from currently the world’s leading terror group.

My hope in this email is that the Trumbull Times can help express these concerns and present the town with what’s going on.
Ethan Bachand, 
Trumbull High School Sophomore