Letter — Trumbull has never been better

The quality of life in Trumbull has never been greater thanks to Republican leadership over the past eight years.

Our youth are being educated in the second highest ranked district in Connecticut. Curriculum has expanded while taught through the latest computer-based technology in low class sizes. Our schools have been repaired with HVAC upgrades paid for by reduction of utility expense saving money for staffing and curriculum needs. Major repairs have been made to Madison Middle School and the Agriscience Center. Our children attend the full day kindergarten program we instituted and graduate to attend the finest universities in the country.

We are tax conscious public servants. Senior tax relief was expanded. Average annual tax increases of 1.65% are among the lowest in Fairfield County. Contrast that with aggregate tax increase over 50% in the prior eight-year administration. We’ve instituted defined contribution retirement plans with our employees to cut off long term pension obligations while fully funding our current and future pension obligations as actuarily required. Refunding our bonded debt has reduced interest cost in our budgets and will help offset irresponsible reductions in education funding from the State of Connecticut. Our bond rating has risen to “AA” while our neighbors’ ratings have been put on the “watchlist” by the rating agencies.

Our Pequonnock Valley is visited by more than 5,000 recreators each month with improvements toward the completion of the Rails to Trails Project.

While our State flounders in economic hardship, Trumbull steadily increased its Grand List to keep our tax rates modest and predictable. By limiting tax increases and working tirelessly at all levels of the government, the town attracted new businesses and eateries to town. Madison Village and Long Hill Green have become regional destinations for shopping & dining. The Yale Medical Center on Park Avenue has brought the best of medical treatment to our community along with high level employment opportunity.

Police, fire and emergency medical response times have been shortened by the creation of a consolidated dispatch center and significant upgrades to our communication systems. Even cellular communications have been improved on White Plains Road.

Our town government is led by professional department heads who have streamlined operations and generated revenues from building permits and ambulance services that have reduced costs in those departments. More roads have been paved over the past eight years than in any other eight-year period. Our economic and community development department has produced over $2 million in grants to improve our streetscapes, parks and industrial parks.

Our capital plans feature scheduled vehicular and equipment replacement, repairs to our park facilities, installation of new artificial turf field and renovations to our Police station and public works facilities. All capital improvements are now on a cost controlled schedule.

We are proud to lead in ranking our community one of the best towns in America in which to live and work. We thank you for your confidence and trust in Trumbull Republicans.
Carl A.Massaro, Jr, chairman
Trumbull Town Council