Letter: Trumbull deserves balance

To the Editor:

My name is Vicki Tesoro and I am seeking re-election as your Town Council representative for District 3. I have lived in Trumbull for 22 years and both my daughters are graduates of the Trumbull Public School system. A Town volunteer for over 20 years, I have received awards for developing the Trumbull High School Underage Drinking Forum, a program being adopted across the State. I am a graduate of UConn and hold a Masters in Taxation from Pace University.

As a Town Council representative for the past two years, I supported responsible spending, strong public safety, senior tax relief and a quality school system. I fought against the Republican plan that resulted in an unnecessary reduction of voting districts and polling places.

Trumbull deserves a Town Council that is balanced, not an arm of the First Selectman’s office. The last thing Trumbull needs is one-party rule by either party. One party rule leads to party-oriented decision making and the absence of thoughtful discussion. That is bad for Trumbull.

I will continue to fight for a responsible education budget, targeted tax relief for our most needy seniors, a realistic and fair road paving plan, a return to civility and balance in government.

We have a two-sided ballot this year. When voting on Nov. 5 please complete both sides of the ballot.

It is my privilege to serve Trumbull and I hope to do so again. Please support me and the Democratic team on Nov. 5.

Vicki Tesoro

District 1, Democrat