Letter: Trumbull benefits from Herbst Team

To the Editor:

As the heat wave of summer hangs over our heads, the negative rhetoric from the Democratic candidate for first selectman and her surrogates seems to be hotter than the weather.

As a candidate for Town Council from the 3rd District, I am proud to stand with Tim Herbst and the entire Herbst Team.

Born and raised in Trumbull, I have seen my fair share of candidates come and go. The results of Tim Herbst’s constructive, cohesive, comprehensive, complete 2025 plan to benefit the residents of Trumbull, and the passion our entire team is offering in this election, is exactly what the people of Trumbull need. Identify another town in Fairfield County that has maintained a 2% tax rate for six years; or a town who is as proud of its students’ achievements; as caring of its senior population; as concerned about its environmental impact; as proactive in growing its grand list while maintaining the quality of life we have come to expect. You will not find one. You certainly won’t find one with the leadership capabilities we have in our First Selectman Tim Herbst.

Tim has consistently governed with the best interests of our citizens in mind, working along with the Herbst Team to produce proven positive results that benefit Trumbull year after year.

While the opposing campaign is trying to make this a race of personality and co-opted ideas, I am proud to be a member of the Herbst Team that is making this a race about our town’s future. A future that ensures our residents the quality of life they have come to expect with low taxes; competent spending; first-rate 21st Century education and technology; care for citizens from our youngest in full-day kindergarten, to our oldest who are able to remain in their homes and the town they love because of the tireless work Tim Herbst has done for our town. It is a record I am proud to be running on as a candidate for Town Council in the 3rd District, and a record I am equally proud to tell all those I know that I am a resident of Trumbull, CT and support Tim Herbst and the Herbst Team on Nov. 3.
Mark Block,
Candidate for Town Council, 3rd District