Letter: Trumbull Animal Group seeks donations on Fairfield County’s Giving Day

Trumbull Animal Group
Trumbull Animal Group

To the Editor:

The Trumbull Animal Group (TAG), would like to announce that Fairfield County’s Giving Day is fast approaching.

Fairfield County's Giving Day is an online event that is happening on Thursday, March 9. All activity takes place on FCGives.org.

Giving Day inspires and empowers our region to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofit organizations in just 24 hours through online donations. It invites those who love Fairfield County to come together and make an incredibly powerful, collective impact by supporting local nonprofits.

Donors are able to choose where their donations go from our approved list of eligible nonprofits. The Trumbull Animal Group is lucky enough to be invited to participate in this wonderful event.

The Trumbull Animal Group works closely with the Trumbull Animal Control officer to provide a variety of services to lost and/or abandoned animals at the Trumbull Animal Shelter. We assist with finding loving, permanent homes for all adoptable animals through public awareness and outreach.

Your generous donation helps all the animals that arrive at the shelter needing medical care. This includes immunizations, spaying and neutering, and non-emergency illness and injury care. Through the combined efforts of TAG and the Trumbull Animal Shelter staff, our four legged friends are well cared for while waiting for a permanent home.

All donations are tax deductible.

Please log on to FCGives.org  and donate on March 9.

Jenny Kelly

President TAG