Letter: Town fees feel like a shakedown

To the Editor:

I moved to Trumbull in 1959 with my parents. I attended Trumbull schools, as did my wife and three children. The house I live in now has been my home for 35 years. My children moved out, I retired, and until now I always paid my taxes on time.

I’m a senior citizen and a U.S. Army veteran. For the first time in all those years I had to pay $5 per vehicle to use the parks my taxes pay to upkeep. Not a big deal but it felt like a shakedown. Nov. 1, my real estate taxes were due and my wife, as always, mailed the payment. On Nov. 7, I received a delinquent notice in the mail. This meant there were only five business days that the taxes were not paid. On Nov. 10, I went to the tax collector and paid the taxes and there was no grace period and it felt like a shakedown once again. No empathy or understanding that the mail did not go through and $68.62 was added to my bill.

I asked for leniency but got the cold “nothing I can do.” I’m retired and looking for fairness to control my finances. Explaining my situation and asking for a break was a waste of breath. I went to pay the taxes but that was not enough.

Thomas Sienkiewicz