Letter — Town budget smartly addresses community needs

Spring is finally here and with that comes the requisite attempts to balance work, family responsibilities, end of school year activities and the myriad other obligations on our time. Sometimes lost in this frenzy is time to follow the doings within our town. After a long winter of hard work by our First Selectman, boards and commissions, April is the month when the budget is finally approved and preparation for setting the mill rate begins.

I recently reviewed the budget proposed by our First Selectman Vicki Tesoro

and approved this past week by our Town Council. This budget makes sense.

We continue to live in a time of uncertainty regarding our federal and state budgets, so we need to ensure that no spending is undertaken without a plan in place to pay for it. In the recent past, a budget was approved based on using monies from the general fund and assuming a potential new tax to cover revenue shortfalls. That is no way to budget.

The first selectman’s budget approved by the Town Council last week sought to provide for the necessary increases in costs of services, education and funding obligations by doing the math and allowing only for those increases that were determined necessary.

This year’s budget is up less than 2%, one of the smallest increases in recent years, and puts Trumbull in a strong position in a time of general uncertainty.

I am really pleased to see that in the 2018-19 budget, we place a high priority on the things that make Trumbull such a wonderful place to live. A strong community requires an emphasis on safety, education, preservation of our infrastructure, a commitment to our libraries and parks, as well as properly funded pension and union obligations. This budget smartly addresses the needs of our community and does so in a way that keeps the town fiscally responsible and economically prosperous.

Karen Fox