Letter — Times ignores Redgate candidacy

Because I am a great believer of fairness, I simply cannot let this go. The disappointment and the shear anger I feel over the #TrumbullTimes and Donald Eng’s (editor) deliberately ignoring of first selectman candidate (not petitioning candidate) Michael Redgate, needs to be as public as the very public partisanship he has shown over the course of this election. This is an extension of what we see across our nation.

Real reporters don’t get to play favorites. Real reporters report all the news regardless of their personal feelings. Real reporters do their job. Donald Eng failed to do his and has failed since the beginning of this election cycle.

A local newspaper should be serving an entire community to the extent that we can rely on them for the things that are not only entertaining, but of great importance to us all. With social media being where many people get their news these days, it would be a good idea for a local newspaper to go above and beyond to be honest and thorough. To give us a reason to continue to buy their product, not because it’s the only game in town but because we can rely on them. The Trumbull Times is not that paper. I have not bought the Times in a number of years and never will again. I will also be asking my in-laws and anyone else I know in town to discontinue doing so.

For years we have put up with the very liberal leaning, picking and choosing of reporting they have somehow decided was appropriate. But to deliberately ignore a viable, legitimate and popular candidate in a three-way contest for first selectman tells me that they are nervous for their candidate. Which is ultimately the problem. Real newspapers/reporters don’t have candidates, at least not ones that they publicly assist. They are supposed to be Switzerland. Epic and very public fail.

It is in my opinion, and as many others have expressed, that the Trumbull Times now owes candidate Michael Redgate a front page as they did for the other party affiliated candidates. This is about fairness and had they done this to anyone else, I would be writing the same letter.

Independent does not mean separate, in this case it means legitimate and quite possibly a winner.
Cindy Penkoff