Letter: Tim Herbst maintains Trumbull

To the Editor:

As a resident of Trumbull for the past 11 years, I, like many of my neighbors and friends, take great pride that our town is nationally recognized as one of the top places in the country to raise a family. I think we can all agree that no matter where we’ve come from – Trumbull is a gem. We have Tim Herbst and his team to thank for this recognition.

We also have Team Herbst to thank for stopping the former Baldwin administration’s plans to increase property taxes annually at a rate of 6%. If you think about your annual pay and how much you might expect as an annual cost of living raise – you’d realize that Trumbull might be out of reach for you and your family. We’ve enjoyed the lowest tax increases in Fairfield County over the last six years and if you haven’t been living here long … that’s a function of Tim Herbst and his team.

Recently, a new neighbor in town questioned why our first selectman had given himself a 20% raise. First, it is voted on and approved by our town council … your neighbors. Second, this raise is a 4% per year over a five-year period.  Fairly standard for the Fairfield County area – especially for a job, where there is no performance bonus – although one could argue that there should be one.

Lastly, our new neighbor took his opportunity to learn about our town’s politics by engaging in a public quarrel with Jack Testani, stating he is a “political operative” of Tim Herbst. I have known Jack Testani for over 11 years, and know that Jack has volunteered thousands of hours for Trumbull AYSO, Little League, Pop Warner Football, Trumbull High Football and is a founding member of Trumbull Youth Lacrosse and has been chairman of the Trumbull Police Commission for the last five years. Jack has a passion to protect Trumbull taxpayers and has been a dedicated public volunteer for many years.

I encourage all Trumbull residents to think hard about their vote this Election Day. Does Trumbull want to go backward to astronomical tax increases or stay on the path of fiscal responsibility? I hope you will all join me in a resounding vote of faith in Tim Herbst and vote Republican on Nov. 3.
Paul Verbitsky