Letter — There's a place for you

Ashley Gaudiano
Ashley Gaudiano

As I walk door-to-door every weekend, I get asked why I’m running for Town Council. My answer is pretty straightforward — I have young kids and want to see this town evolve and get better as they grow up. I believe we need younger parents and women involved in our town’s government. I want a government that is transparent and responsible, and I’m committed to those ideals. Plus, I'd like my already high taxes to go towards things that matter — like education, infrastructure, public safety, and amenities (pools, parks).

What I don’t say, and should be saying, is this:

  • I’m running because people in this town deserve a voice, regardless of party affiliation. And right now, they don't have the voice they deserve.

  • I’m running because municipal government should be civil. And civility seems to have gone out the window.

  • I’m running because I want people — all people — to engage with local government. Because it’s our tax dollars, our children's future, our property values, our daily lives. And right now, people don’t. Did you know, in Trumbull, less than 50% of people vote in our municipal elections, compared to 80% in national elections?

We are each other’s neighbors. It's really that simple. Every single person who resides in Trumbull should feel that they can get involved, agree or disagree, ask questions, get an answer, and be respected. Civility, transparency, and inclusivity should be at the foundation of who we are as a town, and should be non-negotiable principles for our First Selectman, council members, and all of our elected officials.

We don't need a catchy slogan to make that happen. What we need is to elect a team that is committed to bringing these principles into Town Hall in November. If we do that, then we get rid of the partisanship; we involve residents and increase engagement; we collectively improve on our areas of weakness and reinforce our areas of strength. We create a town that everyone - Democrat, Republican, or unaffiliated - are proud to call home.

As you see the blue signs around town, read those names: Vicki Tesoro, Anthony Musto, Mary Markham, Lucinda Timpanelli, Mike Ward, Kathleen Fearon, Julia McNamee, Mike Miller, Marty Isaac, Lainie McHugh, Andy Palo, Dawn Cantafio, Bill Mecca, Joseph Gerics, Scot Kerr, Kevin Shively, Keith Klain, Mary Beth Thornton, Thomas Whitmoyer, Cindy Katske, Michael Barker, Eric Paulson, Jason Marsh, Lisa Valenti, Scott Wich, Ashley Gaudiano, Emilio Annunziato, Bruce Elstein, Tony Silber, Tony D'Aquila, Matt Reale, Cathy Creager, Tim Cantafio, Raymond Baldwin, David Kayne.

That is a team of candidates made up of Democrats, unaffiliated, and former Republicans. Our entire slate, led by Vicki Tesoro, is running a campaign based on these principles. If you’ve been unengaged to date, or are unsure how to get involved, know that in our campaign, and in our vision for Trumbull, there is a place for you.