Letter: The right leader for Trumbull

To the Editor:
Vicki Tesoro will have my vote for first selectman this fall. I have known Vicki for 15 years and had the privilege of working with her for seven years on PTA issues. Vicki is a confident leader who favors collaboration, but who does not back down from a challenge. Vicki can be counted on to know the issues and to propose effective solutions.
The Underage Drinking Forum was a prime example of Vicki’s problem-solving ability at work. Most parents of teens recognized that underage drinking and binge drinking were serious problems. Vicki proposed a solution: an education and outreach forum for ninth graders and their parents. She built a network of allies from TPAUD, the school system, the police department, legal experts, PTA, medical specialists, victims, families. She jumped over incredible hurdles to turn an innovative idea into what is now an award-winning annual event which has educated thousands of students and parents.
Vicki’s intelligence, her sense of humor, her courage in following her convictions are all qualities I admire in her. What I most appreciate and why I will be voting for her is how I saw her fight for what was best for all kids in Trumbull. It’s easy to be passionate about the issues that impact you and your own family. What I have watched Vicki do for the 15 years I have known her is to take a broader perspective, to fight for what is right for all kids in her PTA work, and then for all Trumbull citizens in her work on Town Council. I believe Vicki is the right leader for Trumbull today.
Nancy Gardiner