Letter: The opportunity to make a difference

To the Editor:

I’m Jerome Goldstein and I’m running in Trumbull’s District 3 for Town Council, on the Democratic Ticket.

When elected, I will listen to and promote my fellow Trumbull citizen’s needs. I will make your needs heard and help to direct this town back to a government that responds to its people.

We need to provide smart incentives to businesses to attract growth of new and existing businesses in Trumbull. Doing that smartly means increasing our tax base, thus removing the burden from our residents, without impacting the traffic or residential feel of our town negatively. The formula works and Trumbull is ripe to prove it.

Trumbull is a fabulous residential community with a great school system. Proof can be seen in Jane Ryan Elementary School coming in second place in the State for CMT scores. Our schools need help though to continue their work. We also need to improve or replace our senior center.

Growing our business opportunities will provide the improved tax base that will let us improve our schools and aid our seniors without more taxes, assessments, or bonding. That business growth needs to be done smartly by promoting development in areas that do not negatively impact our residential core. Stopping government waste is also important.

On Nov. 5 you have an opportunity to make a difference. I ask that you vote for me for Town Council for the third district. Give me the opportunity to make a difference for Trumbull.

Jerome Goldstein

Democratic Candidate for Town Council, District 3