Letter: The new generation of environmentalists

To the Editor:

Soon to be gone are the age-old stereotypes of environmentalists as ‘treehuggers’ and crazy activists.

Today’s generation of young environmentalists have a different focus on how to save the world, and it doesn’t revolve around chaining oneself to their neighborhood tree. Understanding natural resources, how nature works and applying technology to research and best practices is at the core of many sciences that can lead to resolve our most challenging world issues. Biotechnology, the study of natural resources, energy and water supplies alone can work towards solving everything from world hunger and disease, to resolving an energy supply crisis.

Local communities, like Trumbull, should embrace, encourage and provide the tools for their young citizens to study and grasp concepts in the natural sciences.

Nature Centers can act as powerful tools that allow passionate young people to explore their interests in pursuing careers in science.

Support your local Nature Center, where often the passion for natural sciences blossoms. Our future, their future, depends on it.

Pam Georgas, Trumbull Nature and Arts Center