Letter — The most repugnant tax

We all know Connecticut is one of the most highly taxed states. After increases to income, sales, gas and corporate taxes, we’re still facing a $5 billion deficit. Undoubtedly, Connecticut’s burdensome taxes make it difficult for us to live here, especially seniors.

I recently discovered a tax that is shockingly disturbing. It’s unknown to most, aimed at those least able to afford it and found only in Connecticut.

During my father’s stay in an area nursing home, I noticed a surprising charge on his bill. I was told it was a state user fee on nursing home residents of $20.02/day. Our dishonest legislators called it a “user fee” to make it sound harmless, but we know it’s simply a tax on patients.

I first thought our liberal state politicians consider a nursing home stay akin to a luxury spa retreat. More seriously, it appears they have plotted to confiscate the little money these residents have left before they die.

We’re all aware that often these patients are living out their days and using their life savings which gets depleted quickly by exorbitant costs. Adding $20.02/day equates to an additional $600/month or $7,307/year! I decided to investigate to see which local politicians supported this shameful tax.

The tax was imposed in 2005 and liberal state senator, Bill Finch, voted for it. But, in 2011, it was increased from the original $15.90/day to the current $20.02/day.

Which compassionate politician would vote to increase this obscene tax and scheme to steal the savings of elderly patients to feed a greedy, bloated state government?

It was our own Anthony Musto! Musto, who never met a tax he didn’t like, pretends he cares about seniors, especially at election time. His outdated Facebook page touts accomplishments such as securing a few dollars for the senior center. But, actions speak louder than words and voting to steal the savings of elderly patients speaks volumes.

Now, Musto is part of the Tesoro team that, according to Tesoro, says it wants to “engage seniors” and “re-examine tax relief”. Everyone knows the term “re-examine” is politician speak meaning, “I want to sound like I care to get your vote, but I’ll actually do nothing”. Her pathetically weak statement reveals the truth that she has no interest in reducing anybody’s taxes including those of seniors.

It’s obvious that Musto needs to explain to Trumbull voters, especially seniors, why he not only didn’t fight to repeal this repugnant tax, but voted to increase it. Failing that, Tesoro must denounce her teammate or she’ll reveal herself to be as disingenuous as Musto.

Elections have consequences and electing liberal politicians who look at everyone, including elderly patients, as piggybanks to be raided to pay for their incompetence cannot be allowed. That type of dishonest, greedy politician has no place in Trumbull. Fortunately, Trumbull has a majority of honest, caring, intelligent voters who won’t be fooled.
Bob Von Stein