Letter: 'The Incision'

To the Editor:

In 2009, after years and years of a perceived illness in Trumbull, a decision was made to remove what was thought to be the cause of this illness. Many skilled and noted professionals worked tirelessly to come up with a procedure that would accomplish this goal. It was determined that if the diseased tissue was removed it would, overtime, restore the whole body of Trumbull to its one time healthy state of being. But how do they accomplish this? The illness was a long embedded entity that nobody had found a cure for through all of these years. Then…EUREKA! This eureka moment I will call “The Incision”. The minds involved in the Incision were extremely nervous. Could the Incision work? Could this be accomplished with such a newly developed and untested procedure such as The Incision? They decided that they would give it a try. It was a labor intensive procedure. Then finally…all emerged from the room and announced, “The Incision had worked! The damaged part had been removed and replaced and all looked good!” Many rejoiced. All due to this vibrant, fresh and newly discovered procedure: The Incision.

But… something went wrong during the procedure that nobody had seen. Perhaps it was there even before the procedure but since The Incision was newly discovered and untested it has to be surmised that it happened during the operation. The Incision had become infected. It was mild at first. Over time, however, it started to slowly spread. Still some said that it wasn’t really an infection and that those who thought so were just hypochondriacs and needed to relax. “Remember?!” they said, “The Incision cured our disease!”So those questioning the infection were dismissed and excused from the conversation entirely. They were called mindless holistic wannabes, quacks, witch-doctors, and numerous other odd names meant only to bolster the mindset of the person calling them names and not really disprove what the questioners were saying. Nothing stopped the spread of the infection.

Then, one day, the body’s defense system started to fight itself. It started eating away at the parts of itself that had typically strengthened it. Its immune system was so ravaged that the parts that hadn’t given up were too weak to do anything about it anymore. The infection was so bizarre that it made the local and the national news. It was an epidemic inside itself. The Trumbull body was destined to eat itself alive from the inside out due to this infection it had received from The Incision.

Here is my request to Trumbull. We need to close this “Incision” and start to heal ourselves from the inside out. I think that once the Incision is sealed and proper balanced medicine is applied we can start to heal back to Trumbull’s former glory and make this a great place for ALL to grow up again. “Of one thing I am certain; the body is not the measure of healing, peace is the measure.” ~ Phyllis McGinley

Darren Francis