Letter: Thanks to voters in 134th district

To the Editor:

To the residents of the 134th District, thank you for putting your trust and confidence in me to serve as your State Representative. I am honored to have this opportunity.

I ran for state office this year because I care deeply about our community and our state. We live in a wonderful part of the state that has so much to offer, but the irresponsible tax and spend policy in Hartford is not working and is crippling our state’s economy. Over the past several months I’ve listened as you shared these same concerns — that Connecticut is becoming unaffordable, jobs are scarce and our transportation infrastructure needs serious immediate attention.

At almost every measure Connecticut ranks near or at the bottom in terms of cost of living, rate of taxation, opportunities for jobs and friendliness to business. I know we can do better and I intend to work hard for you so Connecticut is once again a great state in which to live, work and retire.

Running for election is not something you do on your own. I was very proud to be part of a hard working team that included Tony Hwang, Brenda Kupchick and Carol Way and Dave Rutigliano, TR Rowe and Rick Costantini in Trumbull. I appreciate the knowledge and advice they shared and the camaraderie we developed working together for these many months.

I want to thank my family for their help and support and my dear friends — both old and new — who volunteered their time. I am very grateful for their generosity and help in planning, knocking on doors with me, making phone calls, working the polls and more. I also want to thank the many other individuals who came to help and volunteered their time and energy to help me win this election.

In addition, I want to acknowledge my opponent, Tara Cook-Littman, who put forth a strong campaign effort. I want to thank Tara for the commitment she demonstrated to wanting to serve our community and being part of the democratic process.

Being elected your State Representative is a great privilege and one I don’t take lightly. You can be assured I will work hard, listen, and be available. I look forward to proudly representing the 134th District in Hartford.

Laura Devlin