Letter: Thanks to all working out in the cold

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the town workers for their tremendous efforts all hours of the night and day to clean our roads during this very harsh winter. While many of us are in our nice warm homes, these men and women leave their homes and are out in freezing temperatures at all hours cleaning the roads in very harsh conditions, to make sure that we can get out and travel safely. While traveling around other towns, I’ve noticed that Trumbull has the cleanest streets.

I would also like to thank our postal workers who sometimes have to drive and walk over piles of snow to get our mail delivered, while their arms and hands are constantly out in freezing conditions. To our police force, UPS workers, FedEx workers, and all who are working outside in this weather for us, thank you. I, for one, as I am sure many others, do appreciate you.

Clarissa Cincotta