Letter: Thanks for supporting the Rotary

To the Editor:

Just a brief note to the residents of Trumbull to say “thank you” for supporting the Trumbull Rotary Club over this past year. While a group of Rotarians organize special events and service projects throughout the year, the work we do is only meaningful because so many residents come out, take part and get involved.

Whether you enjoy the spring carnival, play in our golf outing or run in our 5K Sunset Run, your participation makes a big impact in the community. This past year alone, the Trumbull Rotary Club provided over $85,000 in grants and direct support to:

• Provide college scholarships to a dozen high school graduates

• Build a home for a returning U.S. veteran with Habitat for Humanity

• Deliver dictionaries to every third grade student and promote Read Aloud days

• Serve local seniors, performing yard work, providing supplies and hosting a picnic

• Help purify water in India

• And much, much more.

None of these programs would have been possible if not for the ongoing support and participation of townspeople like you — and I am so grateful to be part of a community that cares so much. We have many ways for you to have fun while supporting your neighbors. Please visit us at www.TrumbullRotary.org to get details on our upcoming Wine Tasting and Dodgeball Tournament — two events that will help feed the hungry in our community. Or, be our guest for breakfast at the Trumbull Library any Friday at 7:30 a.m. We look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you again for coming out, you really make a difference.

Holly Sutton-Darr

President, Trumbull Rotary Club