Letter: Thank you to first responders at Edison Road accident

To the Editor:

I want to express thanks not only for myself but for the Town of Trumbull and, I’m sure whomever the woman was in the car on Edison Road on Sunday, for the phenomenal way the Trumbull Fire Department, Police Department and EMS worked to extricate the woman using the Jaws of Life from her car.

I arrived upon the scene of the accident within minutes after it happened and got out and stood there to pray not only for her but the above mentioned volunteers and police officers as well who did not stop working for one second to help this woman get out of her car, consoling her, and get her into the ambulance as quickly as they could.

I thanked some of the volunteers and officers standing there when she was taken into the ambulance. Until you witness something like this, you don't realize how much pressure and how arduous a job this was and yet, they made it look like they do this every day —they just did it. Thank you, again, wonderful volunteer firefighters, emergency medical services and police officers. God bless you.

Clarissa Cincotta